Tattoo Numbing Cream

Tattoo Numbing Cream for Tattoos & Body Piercings

Have you considered using a tattoo numbing cream when getting your new tattoo or having a body piercing? Getting a new tatt designed is always an exciting time. Like we always say, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a seat in the tattoo artists chair for the very first time, or whether you are a seasoned pro- there is simply no buzz like it!

But here is something that you might not have thought about before…What if you could find a tattoo numbing cream that does more than just kill the pain?


Well, allow us to tell you a little more about what makes our tattoo numbing cream so special. Our Deeveeant Numb cream for tattoos & piercings can actually help to drastically reduce the swelling that seems to come as standard in the aftermath of every tattoo or body work.

A Fast & Effective Tattoo Numbing Cream

Swelling can be a nightmare when it comes to getting a new tattoo. Your body’s natural reaction to the prolonged injection of ink into the skin is to send a mass of blood to the area. The body does this to fight off the foreign bodies which it believes are being wrongly injected into its system. The extra blood carries vital nutrients and antibodies to the scene of the action to heal what your body sees as a wound.

Same for having your skin punctured with a piercing – The introduction of a foreign body (the ring or stud) kick starts your body’s defense system.

Even though this swelling is a perfectly natural and normal reaction, it can still be an alarming thing to see – especially for first timers. So if you want to help reduce that swelling as quickly as possible so that you can get back to the hectic business of showing off your new tatt or piercing, then you need our special Deeveeant Numb Tattoo Cream. It is proven to help reduce the swelling effect in record time, giving you fast and effective relief from inflammation.

But wait…hold on to your seats guys, because we’re not content with providing just 2 great uses for our creams here at Deeveeant Numb. That’s right…We just had to throw in a third benefit while we were at it, to provide you with the ultimate value for money!

What Makes Deeveeant Numb Such a Popular Tattoo Numbing Cream?

Our cream for tattoos & piercings can help fight against one of the most common risk factors you face when getting a procedure…Infection!

As any decent tattoo or body artiste will tell you, never underestimate the risk of infection any time you take a seat in the artists chair.

Contrary to popular belief, the risk of infection in a new tattoo is actually not in the slightest bit related to the quality of the tattoo artist you choose to use. Rather infection is unfortunately just a standard risk that anyone could fall foul of at any point…It just comes with the territory.

So whether you are a seasoned pro or a rookie, any fresh tatt or body work can become infected. That said however, there are some things that you can do in order to minimise the risk of an infection and maximise the chances of a successful inking session.

One such thing within your control is how well you look after the tattooed area in those crucial days that follow. As we all know, getting a tattoo or piercing involves a needle penetrating the outer layers of your skin. This opens the skin up for all kinds of bacteria and nastiness to get in and make their home in your new tattoo. To stop this from happening, you need to make absolutely sure that you keep the area as clean and tidy as possible.

This is where we come in!

Deeveeant Numb is one such cream for tattoos & piercings that will actively fight against this? Our unique formulation not only has fast acting numbing agents, but also a special additive that actively works in warding off the onset of infection in those crucial first few days.

Using a high quality tattoo numbing cream like Deeveeant Numb can help to fight off the risk of infection, by sealing the wound off. By acting as a barrier, our specially formulated tattoo numbing cream will block any of those troublesome bacteria from even getting near to your new art work.

Grab a couple of tubes of our tattoo numbing cream & chill knowing Deeveeant Numb has your back.


Tattoo Numbing Cream


This stuff is so awesome! Didn’t feel a thing! Ordering more!! Thanks.

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