DEEVEEANT NUMB®Quality Numbing Cream for a Host of ApplicationsTattoo artists, hair removal clinics and laser salons the world over recommend Deeveeant Numb for their clients prior to small, medium and large procedures alike. Professionals want their clients protected from any unnecessary pain and using a quality numbing cream prior to the start of the procedure just makes good sense.And the clients are comfortable because they trust their artist/technician to use nothing but the best. Now that’s good business.Do-it-yourselfers use and trust Deeveeant Numb at home and with friends for waxing, sugaring, microneedling…You name it!Men, women and children, the old and the young – All appreciate the effectiveness of Deeveeant Numb and how easy it is to use. Even for the most sensitive of procedures.When you’re ready for your procedure you want the best numbing anesthetic you can get. Safe, effective, trusted.

For maximum effectiveness, minimal to no pain, and enhanced comfort that yield truly remarkable results grab a tube or three of Deeveeant Numb Topical Numbing Cream.

You’ll hardly know that you ever underwent a procedure, and you’ll be more confident the next time as well. Don’t let fear stop you. What can be more comforting than that?

Here’s Just a Few Uses for Your Tube of Deeveeant Numb

  •  Bikini Wax & Brazilian Wax
  •  Back Hair Removal
  •  Lip Hair Removal
  •  Small – Medium – Large Tattoos
  •  Laser Hair Removal
  •  Needle Injections
  •  Ear Piercing & Belly Piercing
  •  Lip Piercing & Nose Piercing