Going over the ingredients of Deeveeant Numb, you may have seen it is a lidocaine cream, useful for many topical numbing purposes. Lidocaine cream based products have (oddly enough!), lidocaine as the most important ingredient.

A strong and fast acting topical anesthetic, it is a big part of the reason Deeveeant Numb is so highly effective in regards to eliminating pain, reducing swelling, and giving you a better experience whether you’re getting a vaccination or injection, a tattoo done, waxing your legs, or any minor cosmetic procedure.

What Exactly is Lidocaine Cream?

Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic (that means it takes the pain away) that is easily absorbed through the skin; it is most often sold over-the-counter as a lidocaine ointment. Once the lidocaine is taken in through the skin or mucus membranes, the chemicals start to react with your body’s nervous system and do not allow your skin’s pain-receptors to signal the brain that something hurts.

Because it is able to penetrate the skin it can often be found as an active ingredient for sunburn treatment and bug bites. Lidocaine cream is also rapidly absorbed through mucus membranes; consequently, dentists can use lidocaine based anesthetics on the inside of patients’ mouths to numb them before performing any dental surgery.

What Should I Use Lidocaine Cream For?

Because it is able to quickly numb areas that it is has been applied to, lidocaine ointment offers a wide variety of practical solutions to procedures that are known to cause pain. If you were out in the sun too long this summer and you have a mild sunburn that hurts when you put on your shirt, placing a little lidocaine ointment on your shoulders can help you go through the day without feeling any pain.

If you went hiking and managed to get a lot of mosquito and other bug bites or walked through a patch of poison ivy, lidocaine acts as a numb cream so you don’t spend your entire day scratching your infected area. Not scratching poison ivy can eliminate the possibility that it spreads which means it will heal faster.

Lidocaine ointment isn’t just a topical anesthetic, though. In addition to its numbing properties, lidocaine cream can also reduce itching and swelling. When your body feels threatened by an outside source (like the mosquito when it sucks your blood), the natural response is to send a large amount of blood to the area so additional antibodies are there to protect you.

When this happens, your skin starts to puff up, turn red, swell, and itch. Lidocaine cream suppresses this action and greatly reduces the amount of irritation you experience.

So Deeveeant Numb Is Just Lidocaine Cream?

No, not at all. While lidocaine ointment does work as an anesthetic, it alone isn’t powerful enough to give the numbing properties you need for extremely painful, lengthy processes like bikini waxes, tattoo sessions, piercings, botox treatment, or injections and vaccinations.

In addition to lidocaine, Deeveeant Numb Topical Numbing Cream contains other “-caine” ingredients -prilocaine & benzocaine – to create a hybrid cream that is much more powerful and lasts a lot longer than your basic over-the-counter lidocaine cream. In addition, Deeveeant Numb contains gentamicin, a very strong topical antibiotic that can help prevent infections caused by tattoos, piercings, and even ingrown hairs.

Lidocaine preparations are an extremely powerful topical anesthetic and is only meant to be used externally. Make sure you keep it out of the reach of children and never swallow it. Note also that the powerful formulation used in Deeveeant Numb will give you a deep numbing experience, lasting up to 3 hours or even more.

Please keep that in mind when using a our topical numb preparation.

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