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Your Numbing Cream Solution For Pain Free Procedures

Welcome to Deeveeant Numb, the leading Topical Numbing Cream that is used by thousands and loved by just as many! If you’re after a quality tattoo numbing cream, waxing numbing cream, or a numbing cream that is suitable for a broad spectrum of applications – Welcome! You’re in the right place. Today, many among us undergo procedures to make us sexier, to make us feel better, look better.


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Deeveeant Numb Cream for Tattoos & Body Piercings

Have you considered using a tattoo numbing cream when getting your new tattoo or having a body piercing? Getting a new tatt designed is always an exciting time. Like we always say, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a seat in the tattoo artists chair for the very first time, or whether you are a seasoned pro- there is simply no buzz like it! It does what it says it will.


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Fast Acting Lidocaine Cream for Numbing Skin

Manufactured under strict quality control to the highest standards, Deeveeant Numb will do the job because our formulation works. Beware of imitations and Johnny-Come-Lately’s. There’s only one Deeveeant Numb Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream specially formulated with our unique blend of topical numbing agents guaranteed to get results. You’ll feel right as rain and forget the pain with Deeveeant Numb topical numbing cream! We Guarantee It!

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Quality Numbing Cream for a Host of Applications

Tattoo artists, hair removal clinics and laser salons the world over recommend Deeveeant Numb for their clients prior to small, medium and large procedures alike. Professionals want their clients protected from any unnecessary pain and using a quality numbing cream prior to the start of the procedure just makes good sense.

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Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Have To Say

James Talks About His Great Experience

James Watts Great work on your arm James.Really nice looking tattoo. Thanks for using Deeveeant Numb,we are so happy that it was all you expected, and then some.Thanks for the kind words. All the best James. James Talks

Bex Talks About Using Deeveeant Numb

Bex ordererd Deeveeant Numb for her two Tattoos. She got a great forearm length tatt and a smaller one. Deeveeant Numb was all she expected, and more. Lasting 4 hours, she had no pain at all. Get Some & Get Numb. Bex Talks

Skin Tech Amber

Gorgeous Skin Tech Amber talks about using Deeveeant Numb in her Clinic. Deeveeant Numb was all she expected, and more. Lasting 4 hours, she had no pain at all. Get Some & Get Numb. Skin Tech Amber

Using Deeveeant Numb Topical Numbing Cream Couldn’t Be Easier

Instructions are included – Everything you need to get maximum benefit from this quality topical anesthetic. At home or in a clinic, salon or tattoo studio. Deeveeant Numb has you covered! Apply Deeveeant Numb to the area of your skin that needs targeted numbing at least 30 to 60 minutes before your procedure is scheduled to begin. After that, the product takes care of the rest. All you’ll need to do at that point is arrive at your appointment on time and get the body treatment that you’ve always desired.

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What’s New

A Numbing Cream For Your New Tattoo

So you’re after a top-shelf numbing cream for your new tattoo. Well guys, if you have come across this page, then the chances are that you are at least looking into getting a tattoo. And who could blame you? Over the last couple of years, tattoos have seen a staggering turn around in their public image. There seems to us to be something of a celebrity tattoo culture in the western world. All you need to do is take a quick flick through any of the mainstream celebrity magazines, and you’ll see any number of famous faces sporting fresh, new and interesting tattoo designs. This celebrity exposure of tattoos has helped to project a lot of positive PR about tattoos, and help to transform their image tremendously. A recent survey (carried out earlier on this year) confirmed that a whopping 1 in every 5 US adults now has at least 1 tattoo! This is a hugely impressive figure when you think about the sheer volume of people that that number represents. The results of the study also confirmed what those in the tattooing industry have been saying for a few years now – that tats are well and truly here to stay! Numbing Cream Becoming More Popular We’re all keen tattoo advocates here at Deeveeant Numb, and the results of this survey certainly come as no surprise to us. We’ve been a part of this industry for a long time now, providing great numbing cream solutions to our fellow tattoo lovers in ever increasing volumes! Over the last couple of years we have seen the general awareness of our anesthetic cream products...

Getting A Tattoo – What To Expect

Although the pain associated with getting a tattoo has for a long time been used as a determinant as to whether one should get a tattoo or not, there are a number of creams for tattoos that offer complete pain relief. The fear of pain whilst getting a tattoo is not unfounded. Although others have dismissed the pain experienced as similar to sunburn, others have experienced their most painful moments in tattoo parlors. While this pain depends on the pain threshold of a person, it is not necessary to experience the pains of getting a tattoo since there are good tattoo numbing creams that make the tattoo procedure less painful and a lot more pleasant. It is important that you agree on the price with the artist before signing any release forms or booking an appointment. This price will depend on the nature of the tattoo design and your geographical location. Most parlors charge on an hourly basis ranging from $40 to $150 per hour depending on the mentioned factors. Large tattoos are normally charged based on the entire process. Most tattoo parlors will ask you to make payments before the process starts so that you can pay whether you like the outcome or not. It is thus essential that you choose a talented and experienced artist. A tattoo parlor that allows you to pay after the tattoo is done indicates that the artist is sure and confident of his skills. Getting a tattoo is one of the major decisions you will ever make in your life. This is mostly because it is permanent, save for a painful surgical...

Numbing Cream for Injections and Vaccinations

Bid Injection Pain Goodbye with Deeveeant Numb – Numbing Cream for Injections and Vaccinations. Many people, especially children, jitter when they see a needle, but so too many adults also have a phobia of the same. Since injection is one of the most effective routes of drug delivery into the bloodstream, everyone at some point has to face this potentially painful experience – from children to octogenarians. Fear of the needle has made some people fail to seek medical help even when they need it. Well, a solution has been found which can help you handle the pain associated with injections and vaccinations, and many other needle procedures. Apply a quality numbing cream for injections and vaccinations. Say goodbye to that fear and pain…Say hello to Deeveeant Numb. Order here. I’ve Heard of Numbing Cream for Injections – Why Do I Need It? The basic unit of the human body is a cell. Each cell has a specialized membrane which contains proteins which act as conduits, connecting the external environment to the interior of the cell. These are known as receptors. Skin cells also have receptors on their surfaces that mediate painful stimuli. During injection, the skin is traumatized by the sharp needle leading to cell damage and the activation of pain receptors, which in turn transmit pain stimuli to the brain leading to withdrawal. This mechanism protects the cells from further damage by signaling the individual to withdraw from the pain source. A topical numbing cream for injections and vaccinations is an agent that serves to blunt the pain associated with injections and vaccinations. When applied to the...